quilt etymology

English word quilt comes from Latin calcis, and later Latin culcita (Mattress, pillow, cushion.)

Detailed word origin of quilt

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calcis Latin (lat)
calco Latin (lat) (figuratively) I oppress.. (figuratively) I scorn, contemn, despise.. I trample, tread on.. I walk upon, cross on foot.
culcita Latin (lat) Mattress, pillow, cushion.
cuilte Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
quilte Anglo-Norman (xno)
quilt English (eng) To construct a quilt.. To construct something, such as clothing, using the same technique. A bed covering consisting of two layers of fabric stitched together, with insulation between, often having a decorative design.. A quilted skirt worn by women.. A roll of material with sound-absorbing properties, used in soundproofing.

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cal calcium calculate calculating calculation calculus