quinone etymology

English word quinone comes from English quinic acid, English -one

Detailed word origin of quinone

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quinic acid English (eng) (organic compound) A white crystalline acid, tetrahydroxy-cyclohexanecarboxylic acid, obtained from cinchona bark and coffee beans; used as an astringent, and in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.
-one English (eng) A ketone. Any similar compound containing a carbonyl functional group.
quinone English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of aromatic compounds having two carbonyl functional groups in the same six-membered ring.

Words with the same origin as quinone

Descendants of quinic acid
benzoquinone dioxyquinone hydroquinone orthoquinone paraquinone quinizarin
Descendants of -one
azepinone dihydrocodeinone dioxanone hexanone imidazolidinone jasmone landomycinone marinone megaphone melianone methanone periplanone puupehenone pyrrolidinone pyrrolone quinolinone quinolone silicone stearone tetrone thienone thione thujone