quinoxyl etymology

English word quinoxyl comes from Ancient Greek γένος, Ancient Greek γεννάω, Ancient Greek ὀξαλίς, Latin oxygenium ((New Latin) oxygen.), English -one

Detailed word origin of quinoxyl

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γένος Ancient Greek (grc)
γεννάω Ancient Greek (grc)
ὀξαλίς Ancient Greek (grc)
oxygenium Latin (lat) (New Latin) oxygen.
-one English (eng) A ketone. Any similar compound containing a carbonyl functional group.
oxygène French (fra) Oxygen.
-yl English (eng) (organic chemistry) A univalent radical or functional group formed from a given molecule. Thus propyl from propane, benzyl from benzene, and so forth.
quinoxyl English (eng) (chemistry, archaic) The hypothetical radical of certain quinone derivatives related to rhodizonic acid.

Words with the same origin as quinoxyl

Descendants of γένος
carbon genocide hydrogen legal oxygen scholar silicon
Descendants of γεννάω
azidooxygenation deoxyribonucleic desoxyribonucleic desoxyribose dihydroxycholecalciferol gox halon lox nox oxo- oxononanoate oxy- oxybenzene oxycorticoid oxyluciferin oxynitrate oxypnictide oxyresveratrol oxysome oxysulphate silico-skeletal sodium
Descendants of oxygenium
Silicon Wadi deoxynivalenol natrophilite oxoamide oxoammonium oxoethyl oxybarbiturate oxybromination oxycline oxylance oxymyoglobin phosphorus oxynitride silicomanganese silicon oxynitride
Descendants of -one
K-hole acetone acetonuria aldosterone aminoacetone androsterone benzophenone butanone cortisone deoxycorticosterone enterolactone hinokiflavone hypoaldosteronism ketamine keto- ketone lactonic metacetone nootkatone phenylbutazone prednisone progesterone silicone sulfone