rainbow etymology

English word rainbow comes from Proto-Germanic *regnaz (Rain.), Proto-Germanic *bugô (A bow.), Proto-Germanic *regną (Rain.)

Detailed word origin of rainbow

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*regnaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Rain.
*bugô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A bow.
*regną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Rain.
*regnabugô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Rainbow.
reġnboga Old English (ang)
regnboga Old English (ang) A rainbow.
reinboȝe Middle English (enm)
rainbow English (eng) (attributive) LGBT.. (attributive, chiefly, US) Made up of several races or ethnicities, or (more broadly) of several cultural or ideological factions.. (poker, chiefly, of a flop) Composed entirely of different suits.. Multicoloured. (transitive) To pattern with many colours, like a rainbow. (baseball) A curveball, particularly a slow one.. (figurative) An illusion, mirage.. (often used [...]

Words with the same origin as rainbow

Descendants of *regnaz
rain raincoat rainforest rainy rein
Descendants of *bugô
bow bowman elbow