raincoat etymology

English word raincoat comes from English coat, English rain

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coat English (eng) (countable) A covering of material, such as paint.Paint. (countable) An outer garment covering the upper torso and arms.Coat (clothing). (countable) The fur or feathers covering an animal's skin.Coat (animal). (obsolete) A petticoat.. (uncountable, nautical) Canvas painted with thick tar and secured round a mast or bowsprit to prevent water running down the sides into the hold (now made of [...]
rain English (eng) (impersonal) To have rain fall from the sky.. (intransitive) To fall like rain.. (obsolete) To reign.. (transitive) To issue (something) in large quantities.. To fall as or like rain. (figuratively) An instance of particles or larger pieces of matter moving or falling through air.. (figuratively) Any matter moving or falling, usually through air, and especially if liquid or otherwise [...]
raincoat English (eng) (slang) A condom.. A waterproof coat to be worn in the rain.

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