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English word reconstruction comes from English construction, English re-

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construction English (eng) (arts) A (usually non-representational) structure, such as a collage etc.. (geometry) A geometric figure of arcs and line segments that is drawable with a straightedge and compass.. (grammar) A group of words arranged to form a meaningful phrase.. A building, model or some other structure.. Anything that has been constructed.. The act or result of construing the meaning of something.. The [...]
re- English (eng) A completive or intensification of the base; up, a-, out. Again, anew. Back, backward.
reconstruction English (eng) A result of an attempt to understand in detail how a certain result or event occurred.. A thing that has been reconstructed or restored to an earlier state.. The act of restoring something to an earlier state.

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reborn rebuild recall recognize reconsider recover recreate redo refill relay release remark reopen repair replace replacement reschedule reset resign resort rethink retire rewind rewrite