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English word recycle comes from English cycle, English re-

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cycle English (eng) (electronics) To turn power off and back on. (ice hockey) To maintain a team's possession of the puck in the offensive zone by handling and passing the puck in a loop from the boards near the goal up the side boards and passing to back to the boards near the goal. To go through a cycle or to put through a cycle.. To ride a bicycle or other cycle. (baseball) A single, a double, a triple, and [...]
re- English (eng) A completive or intensification of the base; up, a-, out. Again, anew. Back, backward.
recycle English (eng) An act of recycling. (intransitive, ergative) To be recycled.. (transitive) To break down and reuse component materials.. (transitive) To collect or place in a bin for recycling.. (transitive) To reuse as a whole.

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reborn rebuild recall recognize reconsider reconstruction recover recreate redo refill relay release remark reopen repair replace replacement reschedule reset resign resort rethink retire rewind rewrite