recyclebot etymology

English word recyclebot comes from English -bot (Automatic systems, computer programs and machines.), English recycle

Detailed word origin of recyclebot

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-bot English (eng) Automatic systems, computer programs and machines.
recycle English (eng) (intransitive, ergative) To be recycled.. (transitive) To break down and reuse component materials.. (transitive) To collect or place in a bin for recycling.. (transitive) To reuse as a whole. An act of recycling.
recyclebot English (eng) A device that recycles materials automatically.

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Descendants of -bot
Obamabot adbot aerobot annoybot astrobot cancelbot chatbot chatterbot cryobot fuckbot hydrobot knowbot meatbot microbot mobot murderbot nanobot newsbot nursebot salesbot sexbot shopbot softbot spambot warbot
Descendants of recycle
ELINT Freecycle bionic cybertronic downcycle e- ecyclable ecycle electronic emotronic grasscycle heatronic recyclability recyclic rocktronic rovibronic spintronic structronic technetronic topotronic upcycled upcycling vibronic