refreshing etymology

English word refreshing comes from English fresh

Detailed word origin of refreshing

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fresh English (eng) Recently; just recently; most recently (of plant material) Still green and not dried.. (of water) Without salt; not saline.. In a raw or untried state; uncultured; unpracticed.. Newly produced or obtained.. Not cooked, dried, frozen, or spoiled.. Refreshing or cool.. Rested; not tired or fatigued.. Youthful; florid A rush of water, along a river or onto the land; a flood.. A stream or spring [...]
refreshing English (eng) Serving to refresh, particularly with respect to an electronic screen, or a browser window or similar computer application.. That refreshes someone; pleasantly fresh and different; granting vitality and energy. That which gives refreshment.. The action of refresh; refreshment given or received.