reject etymology

English word reject comes from Latin iacio, Latin re-, English reicere

Detailed word origin of reject

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iacio Latin (lat) (as a shadow) I project.. (figuratively) I throw out in speaking, let fall, utter, mention, declare.. I lay, set, establish, build, found, construct, erect.. I scatter, sow, throw.. I send forth, emit; bring forth, produce.. I throw, hurl, cast, fling; throw away.
re- Latin (lat) Again; prefix added to various words to indicate an action being done again, or like the other usages indicated above under English.. Back, backwards.
reicere English (eng)
reicio Latin (lat) (figuratively) I cast off, repel, remove, reject, repulse; deter, divert.. (figuratively) I put off to a later time, defer, postpone, delay.. (figuratively) I refer, remand or hand over to.. (figuratively) I refuse, reject, scorn, disdain, despise.. (with reflexive) I throw or cast myself back or again; throw or fling myself anywhere.. I chase, force or drive back, repel.. I throw, cast or [...]
reiectus Latin (lat)
rejecten Middle English (enm)
reject English (eng) (derogatory, _, slang) An unpopular person.. Something that is rejected. (basketball) To block a shot, especially if it sends the ball off the court.. (transitive) To refuse to accept.

Words with the same origin as reject

Descendants of iacio
bob eject inject injection jet object objection objective project projector subject trajectory
Descendants of re-
arrest rain reaction receive recognize record regret relationship relax remain remember remove repeat reputation request rescue research respect responsibility responsible rest return revolution reward ship