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English word relation comes from Latin refero, and later Latin relatus (Narration (telling of events).)

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refero Latin (lat) (of sound) I bring back, return, answer, echo.. I bear, bring, drive or carry back.. I bring back, restore, renew, revive, repeat.. I give back, give up, return, restore, pay back, repay.. I make known officially, report, announce, notify, proclaim.. I repeat, report, announce, relate, recount, tell, say. I say in return, respond, reply, answer.
relate English (eng) (intransitive) To have a connection.. (intransitive) To interact.. (intransitive) To respond through reaction.. (intransitive, with to) To identify with; to understand.. (obsolete) To bring back; to restore.. (transitive) To give an association.. (transitive) To make a connection or correlation between one thing and another.. (transitive) To tell in a descriptive way.
relatus Latin (lat) Narration (telling of events).
relatio Latin (lat) Carrying or bringing back. Narration, recital (especially of evidence). Repayment.
relacion Old French (fro)
relacioun Anglo-Norman (xno)
relation English (eng) (category theory) A subobject of a product of objects.. (databases) A set of ordered tuples retrievable by a relational database; a table.. (mathematics) A statement of equality of two products of generators, used in the presentation of a group.. (set theory) A set of ordered tuples.. (set theory) Specifically, a set of ordered pairs.. (usually collocated: sexual relation) The act of [...]

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