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English word relationship comes from English -ship, English relation

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-ship English (eng) Appended to a noun to form a new noun denoting a property or state of being, time spent in a role, or a specialised union.
relation English (eng) (category theory) A subobject of a product of objects.. (databases) A set of ordered tuples retrievable by a relational database; a table.. (mathematics) A statement of equality of two products of generators, used in the presentation of a group.. (set theory) A set of ordered tuples.. (set theory) Specifically, a set of ordered pairs.. (usually collocated: sexual relation) The act of [...]
relationship English (eng) (mathematics) The links between the x-values and y-values of ordered pairs of numbers especially coordinates.. (music) The level or degree of affinity between keys, chords and tones.. A romantic or sexual involvement.. A way in which two or more people behave and are involved with each other. Connection or association; the condition of being related.. Kinship; being related by blood or marriage.

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censorship championship citizenship companionship dealership dictatorship internship ladyship leadership lordship ownership partnership scholarship worship worshipped