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English word relaxation comes from English relax, English -ation

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relax English (eng) (intransitive) To become less severe or tense.. (intransitive) To become loose.. (intransitive, of codes and regulations) To become more lenient.. (transitive) To calm down.. (transitive) To make something (such as codes and regulations) more lenient.. (transitive) To make something less severe or tense.. (transitive) To make something loose.. (transitive) To relieve (something) from [...]
-ation English (eng) A state or quality. An action or process. The result of an action or process.
relaxation English (eng) (music) The release following musical tension.. (physics) The transition of an atom or molecule from a higher energy level to a lower one.. A diminution of tone, tension, or firmness; specifically in pathology: a looseness; a diminution of the natural and healthy tone of parts.. Remission of attention or application.. Remission or abatement of rigor.. The act of relaxing or the state of [...]

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authorization gravitational manipulation realization sanitation starvation transportation