relieve etymology

English word relieve comes from Latin levo, Latin re-, Italian ri- (Re-.), French reconqueste, Old French relieve

Detailed word origin of relieve

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levo Latin (lat) I make light, lighten. I mitigate, alleviate. I raise, elevate, lift up. I relieve, ease, comfort.
re- Latin (lat) Again; prefix added to various words to indicate an action being done again, or like the other usages indicated above under English.. Back, backwards.
ri- Italian (ita) Re-.
reconqueste French (fra)
relieve Old French (fro)
lever Old French (fro) (reflexive, se level) to get up (get out of bed). To lift (up).
lever French (fra) (reflexive) to get up (out of bed). (reflexive) to rise, to stand up. (reflexive, of fog, rain and etc) to clear, to lift. (transitive) to raise, to lift The act of getting up in the morning.
levare Italian (ita) (transitive) to except. (transitive) to raise, put up, lift. (transitive) to take, take away, take off, move away, remove, have something out.
re- Old French (fro) Re- (again; once more).
relevo Latin (lat) I alleviate, mitigate, lessen, diminish, assuage. I lighten. I raise, lift up. I relieve.
relever Old French (fro) To lift again; to relift.
relieve English (eng) (legal) To free (someone) from debt or legal obligations; to give legal relief to. [from 15th c.]. (military, job) To free (someone) from their post, task etc. by taking their place. [from 16th c.]. (now, _, rare) To make (something) stand out; to make prominent, bring into relief. [from 18th c.]. (now, _, rare) To raise (someone) out of danger or from (a specified difficulty etc.). [from [...]

Words with the same origin as relieve

Descendants of levo
irrelevant lever relevance relevant relief
Descendants of re-
arrest rain reaction receive recognize record regret relationship relax remain remember remove repeat reputation request rescue research respect responsibility responsible rest return revolution reward ship