renotropic etymology

English word renotropic comes from English -tropic, English reno- ((anatomy) kidney.)

Detailed word origin of renotropic

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-tropic English (eng) (science) affecting or attracted to the thing specified. (science) turning or changing.
reno- English (eng) (anatomy) kidney.
renotropic English (eng) (physiology) That migrates towards kidney tissue (or causes such migration).

Words with the same origin as renotropic

Descendants of -tropic
adrenotropic aeolotropic chronotropic ecotropic endosomotropic enterotropic gravitropic hepatotropic idiotropic immunotropic lactotropic lipotropic lyotropic mucosotropic musculotropically oculotropic orthotropic osteotropic plagiotropic reticulotropic thixotropic thyrotropic xenotropic æolotropic
Descendants of reno-
renogram renography renopathy renoprotection renoprotective renovascular