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English word replace comes from English place, English re-

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place English (eng) (chess, obsolete) A chess position; a square of the chessboard.. (euphemism, _, slang) An area to urinate and defecate: an outhouse or lavatory.. (horse-racing) The position of first, second, or third at the finish, especially the second position.. (obsolete) A fortified position: a fortress, citadel, or walled town.. (obsolete) A passage or extract from a book or document.. (obsolete) An [...]
re- English (eng) A completive or intensification of the base; up, a-, out. Again, anew. Back, backward.
replace English (eng) (transitive) To demolish a building and build an updated form of that building in its place.. (transitive) To refund; to repay; to restore. (transitive) To restore to a former place, position, condition, etc.; to put back. (transitive) To supply or substitute an equivalent for.. (transitive) To take the place of; to supply the want of; to fulfill the end or office of.. (transitive, rare) To [...]

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Descendants of re-
reborn rebuild recall recognize reconsider reconstruction recover recreate redo refill relay release remark reopen repair replacement reschedule reset resign resort rethink retire rewind rewrite