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English word reschedule comes from English schedule, English re-

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schedule English (eng) (US, law) One of the five divisions into which controlled drugs are classified, or the restrictions denoted by such classification. [from 20th c.]. (computer science) An allocation or ordering of a set of tasks on one or several resources. [from 20th c.]. (legal) A written or printed table of information, often forming an annex or appendix to a statute or other regulatory instrument, or to a [...]
re- English (eng) A completive or intensification of the base; up, a-, out. Again, anew. Back, backward.
reschedule English (eng) (transitive) To schedule again or at a different time.. (transitive, US, law) To reclassify; to change the schedule (division into which something is classified) of.

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reborn rebuild recall recognize reconsider reconstruction recover recreate redo refill relay release remark reopen repair replace replacement reset resign resort rethink retire rewind rewrite