restless etymology

English word restless comes from Old English rest (Rest. Resting place; bed.), Old English -lēas

Detailed word origin of restless

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
rest Old English (ang) Rest. Resting place; bed.
-lēas Old English (ang)
restlēas Old English (ang)
restleas Old English (ang) Restless, disturbed; without rest.
restelees Middle English (enm)
restless English (eng) Deprived of rest or sleep.. Not allowing or affording rest.. Not satisfied to be at rest or in peace; averse to repose; eager for change; discontented.. Without rest; unable to be still or quiet; uneasy; continually moving.

Words with the same origin as restless

Descendants of -lēas
careless countless endless express expression fearless harmless heartless helpless homeless hopeless meaningless pointless powerless priceless reckless regardless relentless ruthless senseless shameless useless wireless worthless