retinochrome etymology

English word retinochrome comes from English -chrome (Having a specified colour. Various pigments.), English retino- (Retina.)

Detailed word origin of retinochrome

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-chrome English (eng) Having a specified colour. Various pigments.
retino- English (eng) Retina.
retinochrome English (eng) (biochemistry) A photosensitive pigment, related to rhodopsin, located primarily in the inner portions of the visual cells of cephalopods.

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Descendants of -chrome
Kodachrome adrenochrome aulochrome autochrome cytochrome endochrome fluorochrome haemachrome heliochrome hemochrome lipochrome metallochrome metrochrome oligochrome phycochrome phytochrome polychrome spinochrome stereochrome thermochrome trichrome urochrome xanthochrome zoochrome
Descendants of retino-
retinoblast retinoblastoma retinochoroidal retinochoroiditis retinocollicular retinocortical retinogenesis retinogeniculate retinography retinohypothalamic retinology retinomotor retinopathy retinorecipient retinoscopy retinotectal retinotopic retinovascular