retinorecipient etymology

English word retinorecipient comes from English retino- (Retina.), English recipient

Detailed word origin of retinorecipient

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retino- English (eng) Retina.
recipient English (eng) Receiving (chemistry) The portion of an alembic or other still in which the distilled liquid is collected.. (medicine) An individual receiving donor organs or tissues.. One who receives.
retinorecipient English (eng) That receive impulses from the retina.

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retinoblast retinoblastoma retinochoroidal retinochoroiditis retinochrome retinocollicular retinocortical retinogenesis retinogeniculate retinography retinohypothalamic retinology retinomotor retinopathy retinoscopy retinotectal retinotopic retinovascular