retinotopic etymology

English word retinotopic comes from English -topic (Place.), English retino- (Retina.)

Detailed word origin of retinotopic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-topic English (eng) Place.
retino- English (eng) Retina.
retinotopic English (eng) Describing a projection of an image onto a part of the brain that preserves the spatial relations of the image as received by the retina.

Words with the same origin as retinotopic

Descendants of -topic
bitopic chronotopic cochleotopic eurytopic heterotopic isotopic spatiotopic viscerotopic
Descendants of retino-
retinoblast retinoblastoma retinochoroidal retinochoroiditis retinochrome retinocollicular retinocortical retinogenesis retinogeniculate retinography retinohypothalamic retinology retinomotor retinopathy retinorecipient retinoscopy retinotectal retinovascular