retronymy etymology

English word retronymy comes from English -onymy, English retro-

Detailed word origin of retronymy

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-onymy English (eng) Used to form nouns describing the the study, formation, or use of words or names.
retro- English (eng) (informal) in an old-fashioned or old-school way.. Back or backward.. Behind.. In the opposite direction.. Pertaining to an earlier time (for example, in retroactive).
retronymy English (eng) The process of creating retronyms; coining new words for existing concepts because the meaning of the original word has broadened.

Words with the same origin as retronymy

Descendants of -onymy
antonymy capitonymy chresonymy chrononymy endonymy eponymy ethnonymy euonymy exonymy holonymy hydronymy hyponymy metronymy micronymy myonymy netcronym organonymy paleonymy papponymy poecilonymy pseudonymy tautonymy theonymy xenonymy
Descendants of retro-
antiretroviral retrad retro retrocalculation retrofuturistic retronymic retroperitoneum retrophile retrosynthetic