rhinolith etymology

English word rhinolith comes from English -lith, English rhino- (Of the nose.)

Detailed word origin of rhinolith

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-lith English (eng)
rhino- English (eng) Of the nose.
rhinolith English (eng) A calculus that forms in the nasal cavity.

Words with the same origin as rhinolith

Descendants of -lith
Paleolithic age age group agegraphic ageism ageless agelong megalith megalithic megaregolith neolith otolith otolithic overage period phytolith pisolith postage regolith stercolith teen teenager underage xenolith zoolith
Descendants of rhino-
birhinal ectorhinal oculorhinitis rhinal sulcus rhinalgia rhinectomy rhinitis rhinitis sicca rhinoconjunctivitis rhinogenic rhinolalia rhinolaryngitis rhinology rhinopharynx rhinophore rhinoplasty rhinorrhagia rhinorrhea rhinoscleroma rhinoscope rhinosinusitis rhinotheca rhinotomy rhinotracheitis