rhinoscleroma etymology

English word rhinoscleroma comes from English rhino- (Of the nose.), English scleroma

Detailed word origin of rhinoscleroma

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rhino- English (eng) Of the nose.
scleroma English (eng) (medicine) induration of the tissues. (medicine) rhinoscleroma.
rhinoscleroma English (eng) (medicine) A rare skin disease with very hard, more or less flattened, prominences, appearing first upon the nose and subsequently upon the neighboring parts, especially the lips, palate, and throat.

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birhinal ectorhinal oculorhinitis rhinal sulcus rhinalgia rhinectomy rhinitis rhinitis sicca rhinoconjunctivitis rhinogenic rhinolalia rhinolaryngitis rhinolith rhinology rhinopharynx rhinophore rhinoplasty rhinorrhagia rhinorrhea rhinoscope rhinosinusitis rhinotheca rhinotomy rhinotracheitis