ribozyme etymology

English word ribozyme comes from English zyme, English ribo- ((biochemistry) ribose.)

Detailed word origin of ribozyme

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zyme English (eng) (obsolete, medicine) The morbific principle of a zymotic disease.. A ferment.
ribo- English (eng) (biochemistry) ribose.
ribozyme English (eng) A fragment of RNA that can act as an enzyme.

Words with the same origin as ribozyme

Descendants of zyme
Descendants of ribo-
antiribonucleoprotein microribonucleoprotein polyriboadenylate polyriboadenylic polyribocytidylic polyriboinosinic polyribonucleotide polyribosome ribodepletion ribofuranose ribonucleoprotein ribooligonucleotide ribopolymer riboprobe riboprotein ribopyranose riboregulation riboregulatory ribospecies riboswitch ribotoxin ribovirus