robophile etymology

English word robophile comes from English robo- (Robot, robotic.), English -phile

Detailed word origin of robophile

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robo- English (eng) Robot, robotic.
-phile English (eng) Forming nouns and adjectives meaning "loving", "friendly", or "friend".
robophile English (eng) Someone who is sexually attracted to robots.. Someone who likes robots and things associated with them.

Words with the same origin as robophile

Descendants of robo-
Robogate robocall robocaller robocar robochef robocop robodoc robofish robolawyer robomussel robopet robophysics robopocalypse robopoll robopsychological robopsychologist robopsychology roboroach robosexual
Descendants of -phile
Hungarophile Indophile Londonphile Turcophile Xenaphile amphiphile capnophile coprophile entomophile gerontophile infracaninophile mesophile necrophile oenophile parthenophile pedophile pianophile pronucleophile psammophile redophile scopophile siderophile spankophile tobaccophile toxophile