robosexual etymology

English word robosexual comes from English robo- (Robot, robotic.), English -sexual

Detailed word origin of robosexual

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robo- English (eng) Robot, robotic.
-sexual English (eng) Forms a noun or adjective describing a state or style of sexuality.
robosexual English (eng) A person who is sexually attracted to robots. Sexually attracted to robots.

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Descendants of robo-
Robogate robocall robocaller robocar robochef robocop robodoc robofish robolawyer robomussel robopet robophile robophysics robopocalypse robopoll robopsychological robopsychologist robopsychology roboroach
Descendants of -sexual
ace aceness acephobia acey-deucey ammosexual androsexual asexual asexual reproduction asexuality asexy bisexual demisexual gynesexual heterosexual humansexual omnisexual polysexual sapiosexual schizosexual skoliosexual solosexual solosexuality whateversexual