saccharide etymology

English word saccharide comes from English -ide, English saccharo- (Sugar.)

Detailed word origin of saccharide

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-ide English (eng) A binary compound - bromide, arsenide, palladide.. Any of a group of related compounds - azide, polysaccharide, glycoside.. Any of a group of several elements - lanthanide.
saccharo- English (eng) Sugar.
saccharide English (eng) (carbohydrate) The unit structure of carbohydrates, of general formula CnH2nOn. Either the simple sugars or polymers such as starch and cellulose. The saccharides exist in either a ring or short chain conformation, and typically contain five or six carbon atoms.

Words with the same origin as saccharide

Descendants of -ide
arabinoside berthollide bromide caesium iodide chloride chromium diantimonide cyanide deoxynucleotide fluoride halide hydrobromide hydrochloride iodide nitrosyl fluoride nucleotide polonide potassium chloride protochloride radionucleotide rubidium bromide salicide silicide tamanolide trichloride trisaccharide
Descendants of saccharo-
aminosaccharide decasaccharide disaccharide glucosaccharide heterosaccharide hexasaccharide monosaccharide oligosaccharide pentasaccharide polysaccharase polysaccharide saccharocolloid saccharogen saccharoid saccharolipid saccharolytic saccharometabolic saccharometer saccharometry saccharomycete saccharomycosis saccharose saccholactic tetrasaccharide