saccholactic etymology

English word saccholactic comes from English lactic (Of, relating to, or derived from milk.), English saccharo- (Sugar.)

Detailed word origin of saccholactic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
lactic English (eng) Of, relating to, or derived from milk.
saccharo- English (eng) Sugar.
saccholactique French (fra)
saccholactic English (eng) (chemistry, obsolete) Designating a kind of acid, prepared from sugar of milk.

Words with the same origin as saccholactic

Descendants of lactic
lactimide lacturamic acid lactyl
Descendants of saccharo-
aminosaccharide decasaccharide disaccharide glucosaccharide heterosaccharide hexasaccharide monosaccharide oligosaccharide pentasaccharide polysaccharase polysaccharide saccharocolloid saccharogen saccharoid saccharolipid saccharolytic saccharometabolic saccharometer saccharometry saccharomycete saccharomycosis saccharose tetrasaccharide trisaccharide