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English word sacrifice comes from Latin facere, Latin sacer, and later Latin sacrifico (I make or offer a sacrifice; I sacrifice.)

Detailed word origin of sacrifice

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facere Latin (lat)
sacer Latin (lat) (only poetic and in post-Augustan prose) Execrable, detestable, horrible, infamous; criminal, impious, wicked, abominable, cursed.. Devoted to a divinity for sacrifice, fated to destruction, forfeited, accursed.. Divine, celestial.. Sacred, holy, dedicated to a divinity, consecrated, hallowed (translating Greek ἱερός).
sacrifico Latin (lat) I make or offer a sacrifice; I sacrifice.
sacrificus Latin (lat) (of those sacrificing or praying) Mindful of sacrifices or of religion; prayerful, religious.. Of or pertaining to sacrificing, sacrificial.
sacrificium Latin (lat) Something made sacred or given to a deity, sacrifice.
sacrifice French (fra) Sacrifice.
sacrifice Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
sacrifice English (eng) (ambitransitive) To offer (something) as a gift to a deity.. (dated, tradesmen's, _, slang) To sell at a price less than the cost or actual value.. (transitive) To give away (something valuable) to get at least a possibility to gain something else of value (such as self-respect, trust, love, freedom, prosperity), or to avoid an even greater loss.. (transitive) To trade (a value of higher [...]

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affair affect affected defeat defect face facebook faced fact factor factory fair fashion feature perfect perfection profit profitable satisfaction satisfied satisfy scientific terrific testify verify
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