sans etymology

English word sans comes from Latin sine ((with ablative) without.), Latin sensus, Latin absens, Latin *sennus

Detailed word origin of sans

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
sine Latin (lat) (with ablative) without.
sensus Latin (lat) (poetic) understanding, reason. A feeling, sentiment. Perception, capability of feeling, ability to perceive.
absens Latin (lat)
*sennus Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) direction, way. (Vulgar Latin) sense, reason.
absentia Latin (lat) Absence.
sens Old French (fro) Reason; ability to reason or think.
sans Middle English (enm)
sans English (eng) (typography) short for sans serif. (dated) without, lacking.

Words with the same origin as sans

Descendants of sine
sense senseless sensor
Descendants of sensus
sensation sensory sensual sins
Descendants of absens