sarcocarp etymology

English word sarcocarp comes from English -carp (Part of a fruit or fruiting body.), English sarco- (Flesh.)

Detailed word origin of sarcocarp

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-carp English (eng) Part of a fruit or fruiting body.
sarco- English (eng) Flesh.
sarcocarp English (eng) (botany) The fleshy part of a stone fruit, situated between the skin, or epicarp, and the stone, or endocarp, as in a peach.. Any fruit which is fleshy throughout.

Words with the same origin as sarcocarp

Descendants of -carp
acanthocarpous acrocarpous angiocarp anthocarp anthocarpous apocarpous ascocarp basidiocarp endocarp heterocarpous lithocarp mesocarp monocarp parthenocarpic plasmodiocarp pleurocarp polycarpic polycarpous rhizocarpous sporocarp subapocarpous syncarpous xylocarp xylocarpous
Descendants of sarco-
calcineurin calsarcin sarcoblast sarcocele sarcoderm sarcoid sarcolite sarcology sarcomere sarcomeric sarcophagous sarcophile sarcoseptum sarcosis sarcosphere sarcotheca sarcotoxin