sarcoderm etymology

English word sarcoderm comes from English -derm (Skin or covering.), English sarco- (Flesh.)

Detailed word origin of sarcoderm

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-derm English (eng) Skin or covering.
sarco- English (eng) Flesh.
sarcoderm English (eng) (botany) A fleshy covering of a seed, lying between the external and internal integuments.. (botany) A sarcocarp.

Words with the same origin as sarcoderm

Descendants of -derm
arthroderm blastoderm blastodermal blastodermic cytoderm ectoderm endoderm entoderm hypoderm malacoderm megaderm mesoderm osteoderm periderm placoderm preblastodermal protoderm stenoderm xanthoderm
Descendants of sarco-
calcineurin calsarcin sarcoblast sarcocarp sarcocele sarcoid sarcolite sarcology sarcomere sarcomeric sarcophagous sarcophile sarcoseptum sarcosis sarcosphere sarcotheca sarcotoxin