sarcomere etymology

English word sarcomere comes from English -mere (Forming nouns with the sense of part, segment.), English sarco- (Flesh.)

Detailed word origin of sarcomere

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-mere English (eng) Forming nouns with the sense of part, segment.
sarco- English (eng) Flesh.
sarcomere English (eng) The contractile unit of the myofibril of a striated muscle.

Words with the same origin as sarcomere

Descendants of -mere
antimere arthromere baenomere blastomere branchiomere calcineurin calsarcin cephalomere entomere epimere hyalomere karyomere karyomeric macromere metamere paramere protomerite rhombomere rhombomeric sarcomeric uromere
Descendants of sarco-
sarcoblast sarcocarp sarcocele sarcoderm sarcoid sarcolite sarcology sarcophagous sarcophile sarcoseptum sarcosis sarcosphere sarcotheca sarcotoxin