sarcosinemia etymology

English word sarcosinemia comes from English -emia ((chiefly, US).), English sarcosine

Detailed word origin of sarcosinemia

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-emia English (eng) (chiefly, US).
sarcosine English (eng) (organic compound) The amino acid N-methyl-glycine; it is present in most tissue, and has a number of industrial applications.
sarcosinemia English (eng) A rare metabolic disorder characterized by an increased concentration of sarcosine in blood plasma and urine.

Words with the same origin as sarcosinemia

Descendants of -emia
abetalipoproteinemia acetaldehydemia acidemia carotenemia cupremia fibrinogenemia hyperargininemia hypercholesterinemia hyperfructosemia hyperglucagonemia hyperglyceridemia hyperglyoxylemia hyperketonemia hyperlipoproteinemia hyperpipecolatemia hyperthyroxinemia hyperuricemia hypocortisolemia hypouricemia lactatemia thalassemic thrombocytemia tularemia urinemia
Descendants of sarcosine
saralasin sarcosinate sarcosinuria