sassy etymology

English word sassy comes from English sauce

Detailed word origin of sassy

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sauce English (eng) (UK, Australia) tomato sauce (similar to US tomato ketchup), as in:. (US, obsolete, _, slang, 1800s) Vegetables.. (art) A soft crayon for use in stump drawing or in shading with the stump.. (bodybuilding) Anabolic steroids.. (dated) Cheek; impertinence; backtalk; sass.. (internet slang) used when requesting the source of an image or other posted material.. (obsolete, UK, US, dialect) Any [...]
saucy English (eng) Impertinent or disrespectful, often in a way that is regarded as entertaining or amusing; smart.. Impudently bold; pert.. Mildly erotic.. Sharp; pungent; piquant.. Similar to sauce; having the consistency or texture of sauce.
sassy English (eng) Bold and spirited, cheeky, impudent, saucy. [from 1833]. Lively, vigorous.. Somewhat sexy and provocative.