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English word satisfy comes from Latin satis (Adequately, sufficiently Enough, filled, plenty.).

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satis Latin (lat) Adequately, sufficiently Enough, filled, plenty.
satisfacio Latin (lat) I apologize, make amends. I satisfy, content. I secure, pay off.
satisfaire Old French (fro) To pay (usually wages or debt).
satisfier Middle French (frm)
satisfy English (eng) (dated, literary, transitive) To convince by ascertaining; to free from doubt.. (transitive) To answer or discharge (a claim, debt, legal demand, etc.); to give compensation for.. (transitive) To cause (a sentence) to be true when the sentence is interpreted in one's universe.. (transitive) To do enough for; to meet the needs of; to fulfill the wishes or requirements of.. (transitive) To pay [...]

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