scopophile etymology

English word scopophile comes from Ancient Greek σκοπός, English -phile

Detailed word origin of scopophile

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σκοπός Ancient Greek (grc)
-phile English (eng) Forming nouns and adjectives meaning "loving", "friendly", or "friend".
scopophile English (eng) (psychology, sexuality) One with a sexual dependency on openly observing genitalia and sexual acts, as opposed to a voyeur, who watches in secret.

Words with the same origin as scopophile

Descendants of σκοπός
CSP Ch Supt Jedi Jedicide Jediism Telescopii Telescopium antipope archbishopric bishop bishopdom bishopric chief superintendent detective superintendent episcopal episcopy pope scopal scope scopie scoping scopophilia scopy superintendent
Descendants of -phile
Hungarophile Indophile Londonphile Turcophile Xenaphile amphiphile capnophile coprophile entomophile gerontophile infracaninophile mesophile necrophile oenophile parthenophile pedophile pianophile pronucleophile psammophile redophile siderophile spankophile tobaccophile toxophile