scuba etymology

English word scuba comes from Latin paro (I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.)

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paro Latin (lat) I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.
apparare Latin (lat)
apparatus Latin (lat) A providing. Magnificence, splendor, pomp. Preparation, a getting ready. Supplies, material. Tools, implements, instruments, engines.
apparatus English (eng) (firefighting) A vehicle used for emergency response.. (gymnastics) Any of the equipment on which the gymnasts perform their movements.. A bureaucratic organization, especially one influenced by political patronage.. A complex machine or instrument.. An assortment of tools and instruments.. The entirety of means whereby a specific production is made existent or task accomplished.
scuba English (eng) (rare) To perform scuba diving. An apparatus carried by a diver, which includes a tank holding compressed, filtered air and a regulator which delivers the air to the diver at ambient pressure which can be used underwater.

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apparatus celestial compare comparison emperor empire empress imperative imperial parachute parade prepare repair separate separation sever severance