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English word seajack comes from English sea, English hijack

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sea English (eng) (attributive, in combination) Living or used in or on the sea; of, near, or like the sea.. (figurative) Anything resembling the vastness of the sea.. (planetology) A large, dark plain of rock; a mare.. (planetology) A very large lake of liquid hydrocarbon.. A body of salt water smaller than an ocean, generally forming part of, or connecting with, an ocean or a larger sea.. A lake, especially [...]
hijack English (eng) (computing) To change software settings without a user's knowledge so as to force that user to visit a certain web site (to hijack a browser).. (computing) To seize control of a networked computer by means of infecting it with a worm or other malware, thereby turning it into a zombie.. (politics) To introduce an amendment deleting the contents of a bill and inserting entirely new [...]
seajack English (eng) An illegal seizure of a vessel To illegally take control of a vessel.

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