secure etymology

English word secure comes from Latin se- (Separately, astray. Without.), Latin curam

Detailed word origin of secure

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se- Latin (lat) Separately, astray. Without.
curam Latin (lat)
securus Latin (lat) Careless, negligent. Fearless. Quiet, composed, serene. Unconcerned, untroubled, carefree.
secure English (eng) Confident in opinion; not entertaining, or not having reason to entertain, doubt; certain; sure; commonly used with of.. Firm and not likely to fail; stable.. Free from anxiety or doubt; unafraid.. Free from attack or danger; protected.. Free from the danger of theft; safe.. Free from the risk of eavesdropping, interception or discovery; secret.. Free from the risk of financial loss; [...]

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Descendants of se-
absolute assurance assure dissolve reassure resolve secret secretary secretive security seduce seduction select selection separate separation sever severance sober sol solution solve sure