seduction etymology

English word seduction comes from Latin duco (I draw, pull. I lead, guide. I prolong. I think, consider.)

Detailed word origin of seduction

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
duco Latin (lat) I draw, pull. I lead, guide. I prolong. I think, consider.
seduco Latin (lat) I lead astray. I seduce.
séduire French (fra) To lure. To seduce.
seductio Latin (lat) Seduction. Separation.
séduction Middle French (frm)
seduction English (eng) (dated, legal, in English common law) The felony of, as a man, inducing a previously chaste unmarried female to engage in sexual intercourse on a promise of marriage.. The act of seducing.

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Descendants of duco
abduction conduct conductor conduit deduction douche duct duke educate educated education educational induce intro introduce introduction produce product production productive reduce reduction reproduction seduce