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English word selfsome comes from English self, English -some

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self English (eng) (botany) A seedling produced by self-pollination (plural selfs).. (molecular biology, immunology) Any molecule, cell, or tissue of an organism's own (belonging to the self), as opposed to a foreign (nonself) molecule, cell, or tissue (for example, infective, allogenic, or xenogenic).. An individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness (plural selves).. The subject of [...]
-some English (eng) Characterized by some specific condition or quality. Used to form a word indicating a group with a certain small number of members A body A chromosome.
selfsome English (eng) (neologism) of or characteristic of self or one's self.. Isolate, isolated, alone. Self-centered; self-moving, self-motivated.. Self-sufficient; autotelic.

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awesome awesomely awesomeness bothersome burdensome clawsome cumbersome dumb sauce fearsome floatsome foursome leafsome lifesome lonesome meddlesome ogglesome oxysome pitysome quarrelsome tiresome troublesome wandersome wearisome worrisome