semipositone etymology

English word semipositone comes from English semi- (Half. Partial, incomplete. Somewhat, rather, quasi-.), English positone

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semi- English (eng) Half. Partial, incomplete. Somewhat, rather, quasi-.
positone English (eng) (mathematics) of a particular kind of eigenvalue problem involving a nonlinear function on the reals that is continuous, positive, and monotone.
semipositone English (eng) (mathematics) an eigenvalue problem that would be a positone eigenvalue problem except that the nonlinear function is not positive when its argument is zero.

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semi semiautobiographical semicircular semicolon semiconductor semiconductor memory semiconscious semiconstructed semicontinuous semidiaphanous semidilute semifinal semifinite semilabeled seminormalcy semioperatic semipeak semipellucid semiquantified semiquantum semiqueen semiritualistic semisymmetric semithick semitransparent