semiquantum etymology

English word semiquantum comes from English semi- (Half. Partial, incomplete. Somewhat, rather, quasi-.), English quantum

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semi- English (eng) Half. Partial, incomplete. Somewhat, rather, quasi-.
quantum English (eng) (computing theory) Relating to a quantum computer.. (informal) Of a change, significant.. (physics) Involving quanta.. Of a change, sudden or discrete, without intermediate stages. (computing) The amount of time allocated for a thread to perform its work in a multithreaded environment.. (informal, academia) An academic course on quantum mechanics.. (legal) A brief document provided by the [...]
semiquantum English (eng) (physics) Describing any system that shows some characteristics of a quantum one; semiclassical.

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Descendants of semi-
semi semiautobiographical semicircular semicolon semiconductor semiconductor memory semiconscious semiconstructed semicontinuous semidiaphanous semidilute semifinal semifinite semilabeled seminormalcy semioperatic semipeak semipellucid semiquantified semiqueen semiritualistic semisymmetric semithick semitransparent
Descendants of quantum
multiqubit quanton qubit qubyte stoquastic wantum