semithick etymology

English word semithick comes from English thick, English semi- (Half. Partial, incomplete. Somewhat, rather, quasi-.)

Detailed word origin of semithick

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thick English (eng) (UK, dated) troublesome; unreasonable. (informal) Friendly or intimate.. (informal) Stupid.. (slang, mostly, of women) Curvy and voluptuous, and especially having large hips.. Abounding in number.. Deep, intense, or profound.. Densely crowded or packed.. Difficult to understand, or poorly articulated.. Having a viscous consistency.. Heavy in build; thickset.. Impenetrable to sight.. [...]
semi- English (eng) Half. Partial, incomplete. Somewhat, rather, quasi-.
semithick English (eng) Neither thin nor very thick; of limited thickness.

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Descendants of semi-
semi semiautobiographical semicircular semicolon semiconductor semiconductor memory semiconscious semiconstructed semicontinuous semidiaphanous semidilute semifinal semifinite semilabeled seminormalcy semioperatic semipeak semipellucid semiquantified semiquantum semiqueen semiritualistic semisymmetric semitransparent