separate etymology

English word separate comes from Latin paro (I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.), Latin se- (Separately, astray. Without.)

Detailed word origin of separate

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paro Latin (lat) I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.
se- Latin (lat) Separately, astray. Without.
separo Latin (lat) I distinguish. I divide. I separate.
separatus Latin (lat)
separate English (eng) (intransitive) To divide itself into separate pieces or substances.. (obsolete) To set apart; to select from among others, as for a special use or service.. (transitive) To cause (things or people) to be separate.. (transitive) To divide (a thing) into separate parts.. To disunite something from one thing; To disconnect. (usually, in the plural) Anything that is sold by itself, especially an [...]

Words with the same origin as separate

Descendants of paro
apparatus celestial compare comparison emperor empire empress imperative imperial parachute parade prepare repair scuba separation sever severance
Descendants of se-
absolute assurance assure dissolve reassure resolve secret secretary secretive secure security seduce seduction select selection sober sol solution solve sure