septarium etymology

English word septarium comes from English -arium, Latin saeptum

Detailed word origin of septarium

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-arium English (eng) A device associated with a specified function.. A place associated with a specified thing.
saeptum Latin (lat) (in the plural) an enclosed place in the Campus Martius, where the people assembled to vote. A fence, wall; palisade, pale. An enclosed place; enclosure, fold. Sluice, floodgate.
septarium English (eng) (geology) A flattened concretionary nodule, usually of limestone, intersected within by cracks which are often filled with calcite, barite, or other minerals.

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Descendants of -arium
dolphinarium formicarium gerbilarium insectarium magnetarium oceanarium ophidiarium orchidarium orphanarium penguinarium planetarium termitarium terrarium xylarium
Descendants of saeptum
Nicolaitanism nicholaism sect sectism sept septum sex subsect transept