septopus etymology

English word septopus comes from English octopus, English octo- (Eight.), English septo- (Septum. Seven.)

Detailed word origin of septopus

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octopus English (eng) (uncountable) The flesh of these marine molluscs eaten as food.. An organization that has many powerful branches controlled from the centre.. Any of several marine molluscs/mollusks, of the family Octopodidae, having no internal or external protective shell or bone (unlike the nautilus, squid or cuttlefish) and eight arms each covered with suckers.
octo- English (eng) Eight.
septo- English (eng) Septum. Seven.
septopus English (eng) (rare, jocular) An octopus or octopus-like creature with only seven legs.

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Descendants of octopus
Kochtopus octopic
Descendants of octo-
Octomom isooctane octane octanedione octanol octoate octobass octobassist octobrachiate octocellular octocentenary octochamp octocoral octodentate octofoil octolateral octolocular octonaphthene octopetalous octophone octopole octoradiated octospermous octoword
Descendants of septo-
Septoria septogram septohippocampal septoic septolateral septomarginal septomaxilla septomaxillary septonasal septoplasty septorhinoplasty septotemporal