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English word sex comes from Latin saepio, Proto-Indo-European *sēik-, Latin sepire

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Detailed word origin of sex

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saepio Latin (lat) (figuratively) I impede, hinder.. I envelop, wrap.. I surround, enclose, fence in.
*sēik- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to cut
sepire Latin (lat)
saeptus Latin (lat)
seco Latin (lat) (by extension) I wound, injure.. (figuratively) I hurt with my words.. (medicine) I operate, amputate, perform surgery.. I castrate.. I cleave, divide.. I cut, cut off.
saeptum Latin (lat) (in the plural) an enclosed place in the Campus Martius, where the people assembled to vote. A fence, wall; palisade, pale. An enclosed place; enclosure, fold. Sluice, floodgate.
Nicolaitanism English (eng) The beliefs of the Nicolaitans, an early Christian group or sect.
sex English (eng) (obsolete) .

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above because become before begin beginning believe belong between beyond but by bye health hold hole holy nice nor saw ship sign six whole